Why choose us?


Pricing is probably the main reason many smaller companies shy away from a web presence. Don’t be fooled by all the hype into thinking that you can’t afford a quality website. Alou Web Design can create sites that cover a range of prices and needs. We can create anything from an inexpensive starter site to an elaborate corporate presence.
The best thing about the internet is there’s room for everybody.

  • Professional Website Design
  • Domain Name registration (www.yourname.com)
  • Hosting – Complete Hosting Services
  • Marketing & Promotion of your Website
  • Graphic design – including touch up enhancement of your photos
  • Tune-ups – Freshen up your look
  • Maintenance Packages
  • Scanning your Images to cd-rom


Internet surfers don’t like to wait. An estimated 70 per cent of them are browsing during their lunch hour and they’ll decide whether or not to stay at your site within the first 15 seconds – or less. Few surfers are willing to stick around for lengthy downloads, confusing organization or lacklustre content. To be successful, your site must entice and engage in a matter of seconds. If you take the time to plan it right, your site can be a worthwhile investment.

Web Design

Our Web Design services are very reasonably priced and pleasing to the eye.
We make it affordable for you to have a professionally designed website.
There has been much research on the internet which suggests that primarily, people are looking for content, ease of navigation, and fast loading.
That’s what we concentrate on here at Alou Web Design. There are many positive reasons for having a website. See Reasons
Alou Web Design has developed a exceptional Internet strategy for a wide range of clients across the world. Our team will develop a site to meet your needs, whether you are a government, corporation, small business or private individual requiring a small to large site.
Alou Web Design will provide a free consultation to explore whether your existing site could benefit from a small update to freshen up the look to a complete overhaul. Some of the issues that we will address include:

  • Is your site loading as fast as it could be?
  • Could we make your site more appealing?
  • Is your site designed so that visitors can find what they are looking for?
  • Is your site compatible with different types of browsers and computers?

Can we make it easier for you to update the information on your site?