Design Process


Here’s what to expect as we begin to work together on your new website project …

Getting to Know Each Other
• Initial contact & discussions
• Understand your goals & objectives
• Determine your target audience
• Conduct preliminary research & development
• Understand basic content for the site
• Understand the technical criteria
• Proposal
• Contract, Statement of Work and timeline

Content Development
• Determine navigation strategy
• Develop site See: How To Plan Your Website
• Develop user interface/look & feel
• Develop schematic working model
• Create final design
• fine-tune to assure overall cohesiveness

• Make refinements to content and design
• Create and place meta-tags and titles
• Complete HTML, JavaScript
• Upload to production server
• Conduct acceptance testing

Getting to Know the World
• Launch site
• Promote your site
• Track statistics
• Maintenance